SEARCH & TEACH was developed by child psychiatrist Archie Silver, M.D. (1917-2010) and psychologist Rosa A. Hagin, Ph.D., and the staff of the Learning Disorders Unit at the New York University School of Medicine. It is based on extensive interdisciplinary research on the diagnosis and treatment of learning disorders. SEARCH & TEACH is an early intervention program that ascertains the needs of young learners before they experience academic failure and its associated emotional consequences.

SEARCH & TEACH was unanimously approved by the Joint Dissemination and Review Panel of the U.S. Office of Education, and has been implemented throughout the U.S. in various schools and clinical settings.

Since 1980, SEARCH & TEACH has been cited in the U.S. Office of Education publication Education Programs That Work, based on data documenting its:

  • Educational Impact
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Replicability


SEARCH & TEACH is approved by the Joint Dissemination Review Panel (JDRP) of the Interdisciplinary Model for national validation. The JDRP, created back in 1972, has supported the SEARCH & TEACH program for over 30 years.

The JDRP was composed of over 20 in-house Federal staff members with evaluation and dissemination expertise who were drawn from many Education Division offices. Since the JDRP saw its role as reviewing the evidence of effectiveness, they relied on the submitting offices to pre-review the submissions “for social fairness of content and procedures, and for honesty, completeness, and accuracy of the evidence supporting the intervention’s effectiveness.”

This “mark of excellence” is awarded to few projects, clearly indicating the outstanding nature of SEARCH & TEACH. As stated by the Director of the Division of Innovation and Development of the Bureau of Education for the Handicapped:

“The Panel’s vote to unanimously approve the model for national validation is further testimony to your program’s success.”


Following the initial publication of SEARCH & TEACH, development and dissemination of the product was begun by the Learning Disorders Unit of the Department of Psychiatry of New York University Medical Center. Primary service to participating schools in New York continued while school districts in other sections of the U.S. and Canada looked to adopt the SEARCH & TEACH model.

The SEARCH & TEACH program has been implemented in private, inner city, suburban, and country schools throughout the United States for the past 30 years.

The National Institute for Learning Disabilities (NILD) is pleased to offer SEARCH & TEACH training at various times and locations each school year.  For more information, call toll-free at 1.877.661.NILD or visit their web site at

All SEARCH & TEACH manuals and program kits are available exclusively from Shoestring Press and may be ordered either by phone or online.

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